History: Between 1915 and 1941 the U.S. Mainland and the rest of the world embraced the island sounds coming from Hawaii. Early Tin Pan Alley and Hawaiian songwriters blended Jazz and Big Band era music with Hawaiian music and themes to create a virtual paradise on the radio for people longing for something better during the Great Depression. Hapa Haole (half white) songs with their English lyrics, Hawaiian themes and jazz flavorings fueled the early tourist industry in Hawaii. The music quickly spread around the world influencing many musical styles including Country Swing, Gospel, and Blues. Some of the finest music and musicians in the world are from Hawaii!

The Hawaiian Connection: Hawaiian music and the Hawaiian steel guitar were a dramatic influence for early Country and Blues artists in the 1920's. The steel guitar and all its forms (blues slide, dobro, pedal steel, lap steel) owes its existence to the invention of slide guitar playing by Joseph Kekuku and great Hawaiian songwriters and musicians as early as 1880. Bringing their sounds to the United Stated at the turn of the 20th century for expositions and fairs, the steel guitar style and the ukulele's influence began to spread. There was a Hawaiian music craze that started in 1915, and its popularity continued until 1941 when world events focused people's attention elsewhere. Ukulele's, steels, and all things Hawaiian were extremely popular. Hawaiian musicians toured with early country bands and blues artists, forever changed their style after seeing Hawaiian steel masters play their unique music. Without this influence, lap steel, country steel, pedal steel, dobro and blues slide styles would not exist today as we know them!

Besides being a part of musical history, this sound is fun and adds the right touch to your summertime (or anytime) events.

We hope to see you soon!


Are you interested in the Hawaiian Steel guitar? You can find out more by joining the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association (HSGA). Their mission is the promotion and perpetuation of traditional Hawaiian music, which includes the unique "signature sound" of Hawaiian steel guitar. Visit the HSGA online!


Some influences: Sol Hoopii, Bob Wills, Jerry Byrd, Junior Brown, Hank Williams, The Hula Monsters and, of course, the band Rounder. Rounder has been playing in Northern Colorado for many years. Our country swing band plays songs from old country greats like Bob Wills, Ray Price, Merle and others. We've created the Book 'em Danno alter ego to bring unique new sounds to our audiences and fans. Plus summertime pool parties are more fun than dusty barns :-).

"It's a small world" News: We had the pleasure of meeting Sol Hoopii's grandneice, Saree Hoopii. She did a beautiful impromptu hula to "Po La'ila'i" at our gig at the 'Taste of Weld County,' and the audience was mesmorized (not to mention the Band members!) by her amazing artistry.




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