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Who are the members of Book 'em Danno? They're Chris, Stuart, Dean, and Wes, a group of guys who love playing music. In particular, they have a passion for the sounds of classic Hawaiian Swing tunes from the 1930's and 40's. That was a time when the Steel guitar and ukulele ruled the airwaves of Hawaii and the mainland United States. Today, the music of Hawaii is making a resurgence as evidenced by the inclusion of the new category of Hawaiian Music in the Grammy's. Danno wants to help bring back this treasured art form in songs and authentic instrumentation wherever they play.

Want to find out more about Book 'em Danno? You can start by reading their biographies. If you have a question about our music or instruments, or if you just want to "talk story" with us, call Chris at 970.204.1721. Or contact us for more information.


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